Lightroom Classic CC - 5 Useful Shortcut Keys

To help speed up your workflow, Adobe has conveniently created shortcut keys so you don’t need to look through menus to perform actions. Below are some of the shortcut keys I have found useful and hopefully you will too.

Undo - Ctrl + Z

Inevitably you will set something you either don’t like or didn’t mean to and the quickest way to undo that is by pressing Ctrl + Z. This will undo the very last action performed.

Show/Hide Clipping - J

This is a quick way of working out if you have clipped either your highlights or your shadows. Simply press J and this will turn clipping on. This will show red where the highlights have clipped or blue where the shadows have clipped. To turn this off press J again.

View Before and After - Y

By pressing Y you can instantly view the original image (before) and the image you have been working on (after). This allows you to compare the two images side by side. Press Y again to go back to editing.

Cycle Crop Overlays - O

Pressing O will cycle through the different crop overlays available to you. The default will cycle through the following

  • Grid

  • Thirds

  • Diagonal

  • Triangle

  • Golden Ratio

  • Golden Spiral

  • Aspect Ratios

If you only want to cycle through a couple of these you can go and customise by going to Tools > Crop Guide Overlay > Choose Overlays to Cycle.

Tip: By pressing Shift + O you can cycle in reverse order

Lights Out Mode - L

Lights out mode will dim the Lightroom workspace so that you dont have any distractions when viewing your image. Press L will cycle through 3 modes.

  • Dim Workspace

  • Hide Workspace

  • Show Workspace

Note: The dim level is customizable. To change this go to Preferences > Interface > Lights Out > Dim Level.